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What is a pcn verification?

If you are currently working for a company that is focused on dealing with medicinal gas, technical gas or other poisonous or hazardous mixtures, you might already know what a PCN verification is. For those who are not working in that kind of business, a PCN verification is a poison center notification verification, in which information is detailed about what kind of mixture the substance is made out of. Also on this notification is mentioned how to properly work with such hazardous substances. This is of course very important since you do not obviously want to hurt people with such poisons or gasses.

How to acquire this?

For the people who are not working in such businesses, this information might not be that interesting. However acquiring such PCN verification is not that difficult, however it does include some steps before you can actually receive such verification. It needs of course be checked by the poison notification center, which elements or mixtures have been used in the substance. Next, it is also required on this label how people should work with the specific mixture. This is specifically done so that people cannot be harmed and are more protected towards the hazardous substance that they might have to work with in their daily life.

UFI codes

Lastly also your products are in need of ufi code, this is an acronym for unique formula identification code. With this code that’s also more possible for people who are working in this kind of field, to recognize the specifics of the hazardous product. This code is made up of 16 digit numbers and can be acquired online on the Internet. It is needed however to specifically mention what kind of substances there are in this specific mixture. But we think that that is pretty much a given. Therefore it is always the safest option to acquire such code, for not only the benefit of people but also their safety.