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Use the Dutch M-form if you work for a company in Nijmegen or another Dutch city as an expat

If you are working for a Dutch company in Nijmegen or another city in the Netherlands as an expat, you are asked to file your tax return using the M-form. This form is available on the government’s website, where you can print it or immediately fill it out online. The form is intended for individuals who have not spent the entire tax year within the Dutch borders. This can also be the case if you emigrate abroad from the Netherlands. This explains the letter M, as it refers to “migration”. Filling out the tax form can be quite complicated, making it an excellent idea to enlist the help of a specialized agency.

A specialized agency for all tax-related matters that expats have to take care of

As an expat with a working visa in the Netherlands, filing your tax return is slightly different than what you are used to. You have to pay taxes according to the Dutch tax system. If you have not stayed in the Netherlands for the entire year, you can do this with the M-form. A tax consultant from Witlox International Tax Advice near Nijmegen can help you complete the M-form – which is published in Dutch and covers dozens of pages. This makes it very difficult if you don’t speak the Dutch language. With the reliable services of this tax office, all you have to do is submit your personal details via the questionnaire on the company’s website.

Get to know this company’s mission

Witlox International Tax Advice has one mission: making your stay in the Netherlands as pleasant as possible. A carefree tax return is also part of this. That is why this tax consultant is happy to assist you in filling out the Dutch M-form near Nijmegen. Do you have any questions about this service? Then feel free to reach out to the company via the contact details on its website.