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Odyssey is an attribution solution that can help you increase your online marketing performance

Google certainly does have excellent tracking software. However, Google Analytics is just a tool to collect data, not to interpret it. There are two downsides to relying on Google for the interpretation of your data. You have a free, fantastic google analytics tool. It’s a great tracker. However, there are two major downsides to relying solely on Google for your data interpretation. So Google is not one of the attribution solutions you are looking for.


Google Analytics is undoubtedly the most popular analytics platform on the market, but it comes with its own disadvantages. Google isn’t an impartial player, so you should always be aware of why Google Analytics is showing you the insights that it is. Plus, there are plenty of other services that offer different insights, which Google doesn’t offer. Ultimately, Google wants to spend your budget with them. Google Analytics is the world’s leading tool for understanding user behavior on websites. However, Google isn’t the only company that wants to maximize your budget. That’s why it’s important to be aware of what your GA insights are telling you – and what it’s not. Salesforce attribution solution is not standard but now that they have Odyssey available in Datorame it is extremely easy to finally merge CRM with marketing activation data. 


Google’s multi-touch attribution model for online marketing is shrouded in mystery. Many experts are skeptical of their claims, and they don’t reveal how they come up with the insights you see. Odyssey, on the other hand, is completely transparent with its data. The formula that we use to calculate the incrementality per traffic source, which is the core of our tool, can be found in the interface of our tool.  The best way to get a true understanding of your website data is through a third-party provider. Sites like Odyssey offer more insight, unlike Google Analytics, which is owned by the search engine giant. Especially in the end, Google wants you to spend your budget with them. Google Analytics is not independent, and this presents a challenge. Knowing why Google Analytics is showing you insights and not others is crucial to understanding and utilizing this program. It’s important to be aware that Google Analytics wants you to spend your budget on them.