Maintaining the health of dairy cows by reducing the dietary cation-anion difference

Kimtec International provides you with the perfect feed additives and supplements, produced for the animal feed industry. These economically feasible additives and supplements can be used for the reduction of calcium deficiency in dairy cows. A temporary blood calcium deficiency (also known as hypocalcemia) leads to milk fever and usually occurs around the time of calving. It is one of the most common metabolic disorders in dairy cows. Inquire after the possibilities of state-of-the-art, high-quality products from Kimtec International, suitable for maintaining animal health, for example the health of dairy cows. They are unique and produced under control standards like GMP and HACCP. The specialists of this company are happy to give you more information about the utilization of these products.

The reduction of dietary cation-anion difference

Many dairy farm owners, dairy consultants, and companies in the animal feed industry around the globe have used the products from Kimtec International for many years. One of the innovative solutions of this company is the efficient reduction of dietary cation-anion difference. Their R&D department continually improves products that influence the dietary cation-anion difference and this makes Kimtec International one of the worldwide experts in the area of feed additives and supplements. Feeding a typical dry cow ration will lead to a positive dietary cation-anion difference, meaning an excess of cations towards anions. The positive difference leads to an alkaloid metabolic state. Anionic salts help restore the calcium level in dairy cows and therefore the prevention of milk fever. One of the products from this company is KatAn®, which consists of potent and palatable anionic salts, developed especially to prevent calcium deficiency in dairy cows after calving.

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