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Increasing Efficiency of Tank Cleaning with Magnetic Crawler Robot

Above-ground storage tanks (ASTs) are vital infrastructure risks to owners, operators, and end-users alike. ASTs range from the fuel tanks at the airport to the huge oil tanks at Cushing, Oklahoma.

The owner of an asset can use API inspection codes to do flexible and secure inspections and repairs to keep products from spilling out.

Due to this constraint, all inspection work may be done from just one side of the metal. Internal or product-side floor damage is usually evident and easy to spot.

But what about the tank floor’s bottom or soil side?

Ultrasound and magnetic flux leaks have long been the go-to methods for assessing flooring. Technology that can do in-tank or liquid inspections has been added to this list.

However, regardless of these developments, tanks must be taken down before inspection and maintenance in the future. There is a lot of time and money involved in removing sediments from huge crude oil tanks and a lot of hazards.

Fortunately, businesses like Vertidrive are stepping forward to fill the need.

If Waste Builds Up Within The Tank, Does That Cause Any Structural Damage?

Sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, or even heavy crude sludge might be in their hands, depending on what they’re carrying. That will lead to the tank walls and liners deteriorating over time.

Because tanks aren’t the intended product, they can’t resist the mixing of chemicals.

Pumping out a tank that has accumulated sludge or chemicals for an extended period of time is necessary to prevent damage to the tank wall or floor and contamination of the tank’s bottom portion. In certain cases, the contents of the tank are pumped out quickly and dumped into an empty tank, which isn’t ideal.

Is the Magnetic Crawler Robot Environmentally Friendly?

When you’re cleaning a tank, you’re generating waste.

Rather than simply removing the waste, a traditional crew will wash it to a high pressure hose, a pump source, or a sump.

They’re simply raising the overall amount of waste by utilizing extra liquid to convey the solids to a collection site closer to them.

This means less waste and a quicker, more environmentally-friendly cleaning procedure since our magnetic crawler robot actually pulls the vacuum source or pump source right up to the item it’s trying to clean.

Final Thoughts

Automating procedures makes the job of the operator simpler. As a corporation, we’re striving to achieve that goal. Another consideration is the ability to carry out operations while assets such as oil tanks are still operational.

Owners may reduce downtime during the cleaning process by doing so. You can read more about it here https://www.vertidrive.com/