Custom made cryogenic valve with a fast delivery

When you need specific valves for cryogenic applications, it could be a real challenge to find the perfect fit. Maybe you already have come to the situation where the valve you searching for, is not sourced from stock. Or is you standard supplier not able to deliver the valve you are asking for? It could result in many problems and perhaps your project can not finish without the valve. If you have trouble finding the right cryogenic valves, Red Point is your perfect partner.

They supply the valves you need

Red Point is able to design, engineer and produce your tailor-made valves. All valves are from European Origin and supplied with extreme short delivery times. They make valves to your specifications with special materials and design. And with a very fast track delivery. Perfect when you do not want to risk costly down time or penalties during your project. The cryogenic valves from this company are designed in accordance to industrial standards like BS6364 and MSS SP-134 and ISO28921-1. It depends on service condition, customer requirement material, pressure and temperature rating and other technical- or environment requirements. Redpoint has a lot of options for you. Choose between the following types from their assortment:

  • Cryogenic Ball valve
  • Cryogenic Gate valve
  • Cryogenic Globe valve
  • Cryogenic Swing check valve
  • Cryogenic Piston check valve
  • Cryogenic Dual plate check valve

Get in contact with a specialist

This company provides you with reliable and high-quality cryogenic valves according your specific needs. Red Point is a true specialist when it comes to cryogenic valves for many different applications and in various industries. Discuss all your requirements with them so they can make customized cryogenic valves for you. Ask for more information about the Red Point products and inquire after the possibilities. They are here to deliver tailor-made solution for your processes.


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