A trustworthy, international ship repair company for your business

Require ship repair for your international fleet? Professional divers can repair your vessels in no time at all. The excellent underwater maintenance services of Antwerp Underwater Solutions ensure your vessel spends little to no time in drydock. They strongly believe in conducting repairs underwater, as putting ships in dry-dock is both costly and time-consuming. With Antwerp Underwater Solutions’ expert engineer divers, your ship repair can be conducted underwater at any international location. Save both time and money by utilizing their services!

At your service in any European port, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Antwerp Underwater Solutions’ expert diving services can be made available to you 24/7, in any European harbor. They are one of the best ship repair companies worldwide; being able to provide quality work in international harbors consistently is a solid reminder of this fact. They provide the following are just several of the many services their expert team of certified divers can provide:

  • Anchor and chain repairs
  • Rust removal
  • Propeller polishing
  • Tailor-made fixes for damages such as cracks and holes

It goes without saying that this company uses only professional welding materials. Should a so-called ‘dry’ working environment be required, their divers will construct an underwater cofferdam to execute the repair.

Get your quote from these underwater experts today

If you’re eager to get your next project underway, make sure you first get a quotation from the reliable partner in underwater services! Whether you need an inspection, regular maintenance or perhaps direct repairs, Antwerp Underwater Solutions can get to work on any of your vessels. Are you finding yourself in need of such services and are your ships berthed in a European harbor? Then you can contract Antwerp Underwater Solutions for all your international ship repair needs! Call or email them today to get a personalized quote for your specific situation.


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